Zeev Itzhak Tschan

Software Engineer

Project- and Account-Management.
Mainframe to C/S Migration.
Software-Development and -Maintenance.
Databases and DWH / BI.
Consultancy and Installation & Maintenance of IT-systems (Microsoft).


Email :      zeev.tschan@outlook.com

Website :  http://www.idl-informatik.ch

Phone :    +972 505 9292 06

Address :  Nof Harim 25, 90836 Har Adar, Israel

Work history

Software Engineer / Jaguar AG

Company Owner (2014 - today)

Sale of my company "IDL-Informatik" to the private limited company "Jaguar AG" (CHE-101.253.805 MWST HR/MWST).

Software Engineer / IDL-Informatik

Company Owner (1992 - 2013)

Self-employed at my own company "IDL-Informatik" (CHE-107.434.630 MWST), under which I started to work as freelancer.

Account-Manager / Unisys (Schweiz) AG

Account-Manager, Project-Manager, Software-Engineer (1986 - 1992)

After the Sperry Corporation has been taken over by the Burroughs Corporation my employer changed its name to UNISYS (Schweiz) AG.

Project-Manager / Sperry (Schweiz) AG

Project-Manager, Software-Engineer (1978 - 1986)

Sperry Corporation was the company, at which I started to learn about and work with computers.